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What is an Orthodontic Appliance?

If you’ve been working with your orthodontist in Shaker Heights, OH, you may have heard the term orthodontic appliance mentioned in your treatment plan. Orthodontic appliances have been used for decades to help with alignment issues, but some new dental patients have yet to become familiar with the term. Learn what is meant by orthodontic appliance […]

Can TMJ Correct Itself?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on either side of the jaw and connects the jaw to the skull. If you have TMJ disorder in Solon, OH, it’s because either the joint or one of its surrounding supporters has been damaged. From the disk that absorbs the shock to the cartilage that cushions the movements, TMJ […]

Is Invisalign Worth the Investment as an Adult?

When children need orthodontic care in Solon, OH, it’s a fairly easy economic decision. While it is an expense, it’s also a decision that will generate numerous benefits for years to come. If an adult has gotten used to living with their mouth as it is, it’s reasonable to ask whether it’s worth the investment. Invisalign […]

Key Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy can change how jaw, face, and mouth muscles interact with one another. The more functional they are, the easier it is to breathe, chew, and speak. We’ll look at why it’s used to treat multiple conditions and its main benefits. Key Benefits If you’re asked to take part in myofunctional therapy in Solon, OH, […]

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Myofunctional Therapy Answered

Has your dentist in Shaker Heights, OH, recommended myofunctional therapy for you? If so, you may have some questions first. The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Myofunctional Therapy Answered 1. What is myofunctional therapy used for? Myofunctional therapy is a series of exercises to train the muscles around your mouth, tongue, and face. Performing myofunctional therapy […]

Common Sleep Therapies in Orthodontics

People will often see an orthodontist to treat snoring, particularly if it poses a problem with their breathing or if they have a partner who is kept awake by it. We’ll look at the most common sleep therapies in the industry and how they work to correct the issue. What Are Some Common Sleep Therapies? […]