3 Major Differences Between Traditional and Holistic Orthodontics

Traditional and holistic orthodontics share enough overlap that it can confuse patients about what to expect. If you’ve heard of holistic orthodontics in Shaker Heights and want to learn more about it, we’ll tell you the crux of the matter and the main differences between the two. 

Holistic Orthodontists Treat the Whole Person 

A traditional orthodontist will examine how the teeth, jaw, and gums change over time. A holistic orthodontist will look at these components in relation to the patient’s overall wellness. If an underlying issue is causing the problem, such as a nutritional deficiency. They may also make recommendations or administer therapy to correct habits that are causing the issue.

Holistic Dentistry May Use Different Materials

A traditional and holistic orthodontist in Solon, OH, may both recommend aligners and braces to correct a misalignment. However, a holistic dentist is more likely to evaluate how techniques like myofunctional therapy may be able to limit the number of procedures a patient needs. For instance, if a person’s throat tissues are too weak, causing sleep or bite issues, the orthodontist may teach the patient exercises that strengthen the tissue. 

Holistic Orthodontists Emphasize Prevention 

When an orthodontist is too focused on the problem, they can lose sight of the rest of the patient. With holistic dentistry, the dentist will focus on how the patient can avoid treatments in the future rather than looking for ways to correct a short-term problem. 

Orthodontics in Solon, OH

At McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, you’ll meet holistic orthodontists in Solon, OH, who can give you a broader idea of how your oral health impacts your overall health (and vice versa). Contact us today or set up an appointment to learn more about what makes us unique. 

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