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6 Conditions Early Orthodontic Intervention Can Treat

Has your dentist in Solon, OH mentioned early orthodontic intervention? If so, you might want to learn why it’s so important before proceeding. So let’s take a look at what early orthodontic intervention treats.

Six Conditions Early Orthodontic Intervention Can Treat

Here is some information about pediatric orthodontics in Solon, OH.

1. Tooth Crowding

Tooth crowding is when there isn’t enough room in your child’s mouth for all their adult teeth. When this happens, your child’s teeth will come in crooked.

2. Protruding Teeth

This is when your child’s teeth angle out rather than being straight down. Protruding teeth are more prone to chipping and fracturing.

3. Crossbite

A crossbite is when some or all of your child’s upper teeth close on the inside of their lower teeth and not on the outside of their teeth where they are supposed to close. This causes their jaw to shift to one side.

4. Underbite

This is when your child’s lower jaw extends beyond their upper jaw. An underbite will result in their bottom teeth covering up their top front teeth.

5. Tooth Spacing

When your child has more room in their mouth than they need, gaps will form between their teeth. This is the opposite of tooth crowding.

6. Prolonged Thumb or Pacifier Sucking

Prolonged thumb or pacifier sucking can become a problem because it keeps the bones in the palate from fusing together until your child is older. This puts pressure on the roof of their mouth, causing their bones to shift from their intended position.

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