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Why We Use 3D Images to Evaluate Our Patients’ Bite and Teeth

Technology hasn’t just come a long way over the last few years, it’s proliferated at a rate that’s difficult for anyone to keep up with. Because there are so many options out there, it can be difficult for anyone to keep track of the ‘best’ technology available — and this is especially true for industry-specific devices.

At McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, we make the effort to tell our patients more about our methodologies, and why we have selected one product over another. We’ll tell you why our 3D images make a difference, particularly when it comes to your experience in the chair.

Visual Statements

3D images in Shaker Heights, OH are excellent at revealing nearly every detail in your mouth, and this turns out to be just as important to the patient as it is to the dentist. With these images, you can visualize what different options will do to your teeth, so you’re able to understand your treatment plan better than you would with more traditional technology. You can make a more conscientious decision with the help of your dentist rather than just blindly accepting their recommendations.

Digital Conveniences in Shaker Heights, OH

At McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, our 3D images are used as part of the iTero® system. This cutting-edge technology has been proven to improve orthodontic treatments in Shaker Heights and Solon, OH by cutting down on appointment length and improving accuracy. This system also eliminates a lot of the mess and hassle of putty trays. If you’re curious about how different technology can work to a patient’s advantage (and want to work with a staff who isn’t afraid to step into a new century), we invite you to make an appointment today.

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