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3 Ways to Stop Food From Getting Caught In Your Braces

It’s uncomfortable when food gets caught in your braces. Food particles can make your breath smell, and can negatively impact your oral hygiene. There are many things you can do to stop food from getting caught in your teeth. Working with your dental professional in Shaker Heights and Solon OH can help.

1. Eat the Right Foods

When you get braces put on your teeth, your orthodontist will give you a set of instructions about how to care for your braces. The instructions will likely include a list of foods that you shouldn’t eat as long as the braces are on your teeth.

The list should include sticky foods like caramel and certain candies which can easily get caught in your braces. These foods should be avoided the entire time that the braces are on your teeth, to help keep your braces clean.

2. Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth twice daily can help keep your teeth free of food particles. Brushing with braces can be a little more complicated than brushing teeth without braces. Be sure to angle the toothbrush in such a way that the toothbrush reaches down into the brackets to get as much food as possible.

3. Floss

Flossing is important when you have braces, because it can help get rid of food between your teeth. Thread the floss between your teeth above and below each wire, then run the floss along the space. Do this once per day and give yourself plenty of time to get the flossing done.

Have questions about taking care of your braces in Shaker Heights and Solon OH? Contact McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics to make an appointment to see the dentist.


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