Modern Braces Provide Teens and Adolescents with Attractive Choices

In the not-so-distant past, braces were considered to be a rite of passage that was looked upon with dread by many adolescents and teens. With clunky metal brackets and rubber bands, it is evident to all that the child was wearing an orthodontic device. Today, though, there are more options than ever before when it comes to treating any improper tooth spacing, poor alignment or bad bite that might be an issue with this age group.

Updated Metal Braces

The familiar metal braces that everyone recognizes are still a popular orthodontic device. These days, though, you’ll find that they’re not only smaller and lighter, but that they can also be customized with items such as brightly-colored bands.

Clear Braces and Aligners

There has been a great deal of excitement regarding clear braces and aligners over the past few years — and with good reason. The fact that braces are so visible was a reason for adults not to have this teeth-straightening procedure. With clear braces, tooth-colored brackets are used instead of metal ones. This makes it less noticeable for teens who need braces and is an essential consideration for the life stage when many adolescents are self-conscious.

Aligners designed of clear plastic and worn for 22 hours each day could also be an option for a teen. In addition to being nearly invisible, clear aligners slowly straighten the teeth and include indicators so that the dentist knows how often they are being used.

Completely Invisible Braces

Did you know that your teen might be a good candidate for a type of braces that attach to the back of the teeth so they aren’t visible at all? While the final decision rests with your adolescent’s dental professional, it’s possible that these lingual braces could be a good orthodontic appliance for your teen.

Whether you think your adolescent needs braces or you’re simply looking for a new orthodontist, McGuire Orthodontics is here to help! Get in touch with us today for more information or to schedule a consultation regarding your teen’s oral health.

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