One of the orthodontic products we most frequently get questions about is Invisalign. If you are not familiar with or have only seen an occasional advertisement about this fantastic product, here are some basics you should understand.

Invisalign is a brand of clear, teeth aligners that are intended for adults. Because they are clear, they are less obtrusive than the metal braces many are familiar with as children. Another plus is that they are available in affordable monthly payments that span over the treatment period.

Determining if Invisalign is an appropriate orthodontic treatment program for you starts with a visit to our offices. If it is determined you are a candidate, complete treatment instructions are sent to Invisalign, where advanced computer technology translates these instructions into a sequence of clear aligners, as few as 12 and possibly as many as 48. Each new aligner gradually directs teeth into the desired position, until ultimately, a beautiful smile is achieved!

Keep in mind, Invisalign is not intended for children but adults. These adults may or may not have worn braces in the past, but whose teeth have moved slightly out of alignment. It is not an appropriate treatment for every adult. Invisalign products are worn throughout the day except for eating or brushing.

There are a few surprising facts about Invisalign that many do not know. While it is viewed as innovative, modern technology, it has been studied for over two decades and has been awarded over 900 patents. Invisalign utilizes the world’s most massive 3D printing operation. Invisalign also uses data from over 5.5 million smiles in creating the perfect smile for you.

If you would like to see if you qualify as a candidate for Invisalign, connect with the professionals at Arnstine & McGuire Orthodontics. We have offices in both Shaker Heights and Solon, Ohio. Let’s make the most of your smile!

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