Understanding Invisalign Eligibility: Why Some Patients Aren’t Good Candidates

Invisalign is a popular procedure that has made it significantly easier for many to sign off on major dental treatments. The ease of wearing these removable trays is certainly one major benefit, but the other is that you aren’t forced to wear brackets that are both noticeable and prevent you from eating certain types of food. For as popular as Invisalign is, though, it’s not for everyone.

The Facts About Eligibility

The best candidate for the treatment is a person with mild or moderate teeth misalignment. While the definitions of mild and moderate may vary somewhat from dentist to dentist, the reality is that it’s just not as effective for severe cases. This isn’t the only time people are rejected from the treatment, and it’s best to check with a dentist before setting your heart on the procedure. Other precluding factors may include:

  • Diseases: Whether it’s in the tooth or gums, any diseased parts of the mouth will first need to be treated before the trays are fitted.
  • Missing teeth: A dentist will first need to replace any missing teeth with implants or bridges. From there, the other teeth can start to move into place via the trays.
  • TMJ: This important joint is what hinges your jawbone to your skull. If knocked out of alignment, Invisalign in Shaker Heights, OH, can make the discomfort worse.
  • Lifestyle: Different factors can affect how your teeth react to the treatment. For instance, pregnancy can cause temporary shifts in your teeth, and smoking can impact how the trays bond to the teeth.

Find an Orthodontist in Solon, OH

If you’re interested in finding an orthodontist in Solon or Shaker Heights, OH, McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics has two locations to help you find the best possible treatment for you.

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