Typical Bite Problems in Children That May Require orthodontic Treatment

Specific issues with bite alignment can emerge as a child’s face and jaws develop. Intervention with orthodontic treatment can negate bite issues and support a healthy smile for the years to come. Therefore, it is important as a parent to pay attention to signs that your child may need braces. Take a look at the bite problems that may mean your child needs pediatric orthodontic treatment in Shaker Heights, OH.

Excess Spacing

Excess spacing between teeth creates gaps that can affect how the bite aligns, put undue stress on certain teeth, and affect your child’s confidence about their smile. Thankfully, most spacing issues are considered mild orthodontic issues, which means the alignment problems respond well to treatment.

Open Bite

Open bite means the child’s teeth do not fully come in contact when the jaw is closed. This condition is common during the early childhood years but may correct itself to some degree as the jaws fully form. When the open bite issue persists, orthodontic treatment is vital.

Overbite and Underbite

Overbite and underbite are some of the most common malocclusion issues in children. Overbite means the child’s upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth. An underbite occurs when the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth when the jaw is closed. Both conditions are easily treatable with orthodontic care.


Crossbite misalignment occurs when teeth in the upper jaw rest inside the row of teeth on the lower jaw when the child’s mouth is closed. Crossbite may affect different sections of teeth in the mouth, and not correcting the issue can lead to lifelong bite and jaw problems.


Crowding simply means the teeth are crowded together instead of coming in straight and even in their own defined socket. Certain teeth may appear to be positioned over other teeth, for example.

Talk to a Pediatric Orthodontist in Shaker Heights, OH

When your child has obvious bite problems, it is important to work with a pediatric orthodontist in Shaker Heights, OH for advice. Reach out to the team at McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics to schedule an appointment.

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