What Does an Airway Orthodontist Do?

An airway orthodontist in Solon, OH is trained to look at teeth in more the same way a general practitioner would. Instead of just focusing on individual problems with oral health, they’ll consider health as a whole. We’ll look at why they do this and how a specialist might be able to improve your smile in more ways than one.

Why Airway Orthodontics?

The basic premise is that there is no one cause for misaligned teeth or jaws. In other words, it’s almost certain that patients weren’t born with the problems. Instead, they might be caused for more adaptive reasons, such as diet or lifestyle. (If you see families who all have crooked teeth, it’s likely because they are all exposed to the same stressors.)

What to Expect from an Airway Orthodontist

You can expect a dentist in Shaker Heights, OH to touch on the following:

  • Lifestyle: Quality of sleep and posture can all have an effect on everything from the bite to teeth placement.
  • Airways: Your breathing is dependent on how the tongue, mouth, and teeth work together.

During the evaluation, the orthodontist will consider the size of each airway and whether it needs to be adjusted to allow for better flow. The ultimate goal is an integrative strategy that allows for the best development.

Find a Dentist in Solon, OH

Airway orthodontics is a popular branch in dentistry because it takes a more comprehensive approach to the exam. Instead of just determining that a person needs braces or clear aligners, the orthodontist will look at whether there are changes that could prevent misalignment in the future. If you want to learn more about this specialty and how it’s particularly helpful for kids whose faces are still growing, contact McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics for more information.

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