How Soon Can an Orthodontist Intervene with My Child’s Teeth?

The majority of a child’s facial development (60%) is over by the age of six. In fact, it’s the first year and a half of life that’s the most critical, which leads plenty of parents to wonder just how soon they can head off problems simply by being aware of the changes. We’ll look at what can be done and how it might save you and your child a lot of problems down the road if you can work with an expert during the developing years.

Early Intervention

Early orthodontics in Solon, OH, is a type of dentistry that focuses on modifying and improving the facial development process. This may improve a child’s airways and the aesthetic elements of growth. At McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, children as young as two years old can be evaluated by an expert who can see how their jaw and bite are coming together. The earlier you catch the problem, the more likely it is that the child’s mouth will have enough space for future growth. Their teeth won’t be crowded, and there are fewer odds of an underbite, overbite, or crossbite. No matter how your child’s teeth and face develop, though, the official recommendation is to have all children evaluated sometime before age seven.

Find Early Orthodontics in Shaker Heights, OH

Most parents who spring for costly orthodontics in Shaker Heights, OH would like to know at least that their investment was necessary. If it’s possible to help the teeth reach their proper positions naturally, the McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics staff can tell you more about what to expect. With two locations, we make it easy for parents to take the proper precautions for their kids.

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