Holistic Orthodontics: An Introduction

Many people are surprised to learn that we offer orthodontic treatment in Solon, OH, for children as young as two years of age. Intervening with holistic methodologies for orthodontics at an early age can bring about the most profound results for our young patients. Take a closer look at holistic orthodontics below.

What is holistic orthodontics?

Holistic orthodontics looks at more than basic tooth alignment and jaw alignment issues and instead approaches smile alignment in a more comprehensive way. Holistic orthodontics is an approach to orthodontic treatment that considers the entire well-being of the patient, not just their dental health.

Holistic orthodontics may include evaluation of the facial structure, the head and neck, the soft tissues of the mouth, and more. The primary goal with holistic orthodontics is to correct jaw alignment issues in a way that is most likely to yield satisfactory and long-term results because the full facial/jaw structure is involved in making treatment decisions.

What are the benefits of holistic orthodontics?

There are several benefits of holistic orthodontics for patients, some more prominent than others. However, the most noteworthy benefits include:

  • Potentially shorter times wearing braces
  • More long-term smile-alignment adjustments
  • More profound smile alignment results
  • Less likelihood of needing repeat orthodontic treatment in the future

What treatments may be recommended with holistic orthodontic treatment?

Holistic orthodontic treatment often encompasses a comprehensive array of therapeutic modalities to address various dental concerns while considering the patient’s overall well-being. Recommendations may include:

  • Non-invasive orthodontic techniques
  • Implementation of breathing exercises and myofascial therapy
  • Incorporation of holistic dental approaches
  • Utilization of biocompatible materials for dental appliances
  • Integration of facial orthopedics to enhance overall smile alignment
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment to ensure treatment alignment with holistic principles

Talk to a Holistic Orthodontist in Solon, OH 

If you are interested in a more comprehensive approach to orthodontic treatment, look for a holisticorthodontist in Solon, OH. At McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, we are proud to offer holistic treatment that can bring the most benefit to every patient. Reach out to our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about our treatment processes.

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