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Does My Child Really Need a Crown?

It’s understandable for many parents to wonder whether their child really needs a crown. After all, it wasn’t always common practice for dentists in Shaker Heights, OH. If you fall into this camp and you’re questioning whether your child needs a crown on a tooth they’re going to lose anyway, we’ll look at the benefits of taking this step and the risks of ignoring it.

Crowns for Children in Shaker Heights, OH

A dentist will order a crown in Solon, OH if they’re concerned about the shape of your child’s face or the development of their bite. The worse the decay is, the more likely it is that a child’s facial structure will have to adjust. If their teeth aren’t strong enough, they won’t be able to support normal development. Crowns will not just strengthen the tooth below; it will make it easier for them to chew and speak.

How the Treatment Works

The treatment for crowns starts with removing any of the decay from the child’s tooth. From there, the dentist will need to reduce the size of the child’s tooth to make it easier to fit the crown. The dentist will then test the crown to ensure that it fits the child’s mouth and, more importantly, their bite.

It’s not always easy to determine exactly how a child’s mouth will develop, but things like crown placement can potentially stave off more expensive orthodontics in the future. So while you may be skeptical, you should talk to a dentist about the ramifications of skipping it.

Dentists In Solon, OH

With locations in Shaker Heights and Solon, the dentists at McGuire Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics are here to help kids start off with healthy habits. The more emphasis you put on their oral health today, the more likely they’ll hold onto their teeth for their whole lives. Contact us today if you want to schedule an appointment for your child.


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